About Scrawlr

... allowing you to control the content you create and see

Scrawlr allows you to generate boundless overlay content on top of any website or content on the internet.
When the product launches, you will be able to communicate with anyone, on any topic, in any way you want, anywhere on the internet without constraint.
Your browsing will become a boundaryless, social activity, with a variety of ways to rate, discuss, and generate content wherever, and however, you want. You can generate an unlimited number of use cases for our platform. We hope you are as excited as we are.

We are driven by our values

Freedom (distributed control)

We allow users to generate content where they want, in the form they want, anchored to the content they want, without being restricted by the underlying location or content owner.

Content generators retain ownership

Content generators own the content that they generate, and we will offer multiple monetization options for any owned content, providing content owners control over the monetization process.


All users are informed of our approach to displaying and using data and content.