About Scrawlr

What we do, why we do it, and who we work with to make it all happen

What does Scrawlr do?

Allowing you to control the content you create and see


Access an interactive digital layer on top of every page on the internet. Create and discover new content on this overlay connected to text, media, other content, or entire pages and sites.


With Scrawlr, you can turn your entire browsing experience into a social activity, interacting with your friends and others in evaluating, discussing, and generating content on top of any website.


Scrawlr will provide you with a communication platform that will turn any site, content, or topic into an unconstrained conversation.

Our Core Values

We are a values-based organization: our values drive our product and our approach.


Freedom (distributed control)

We allow users to generate content where they want, in the form they want, anchored to the content they want, without being restricted by the underlying location or content owner.



All users are informed of our approach to displaying and using data and content.


Content Generators Retain Ownership

Content generators own the content that they generate, and we will offer multiple monetization options for any owned content, providing content owners control over the monetization process.

About our Partners

Scrawlr is engaging in leading-edge research development projects with leading Canadian research and education insitutitions to rapidly advance key components of our innovative feature set, in particular as it relates to algorithmic assessment of content, and methods of optimization for distributed communication. Through our work with these leading research institutions, we intend to deliver advanced, globally-competitive platform functionality for a broad range of industries, verticals, products, and user use-cases.

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